Welcome to NewArtistC

Welcome to NewArtistC


Welcome to the Newartistc blog. This blog will mostly serve as a way to talk about the process of getting from the visual artistic concept to the images that you see. I currently always film my photoshoots and, therefore, might even have some filming of the process as well.

Celebrating the female form


My opinion is that the human physique is one of nature’s greatest creations.  My hope is really to make sure that this site focusses on the beauty of the female and male form and how it can be communicated through visual arts

What you can expect on the site


For now, I see the site offering

  • Beautiful galleries
  • Video creations from either NewArtistC or even other visual art creators
  • Blog posts on visual art techniques
  • Blog posts on how a photoshoot went. i.e. Behind the scenes


If you have any ideas or would even like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact NewArtistC through the contact form in the contact page.

The model in this post is;


Mariette Raina, To see her work or take her workshops, click here

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