Dystopix Photographie Artistique collaboration

The history of their collaboration


Dystopix photographie artistique is a collaboration between two artists. It evolved from a meeting of two artistically like-minded people. One a model @anthrisque_dbois and the other a photographer @dystopix2018

After working together on 3 or 4 photoshoots, they realized that their collaboration might be something more permanent. As a photographer Dystopix was really impressed by Anthrisque’s creativity and ability to bring creative ideas and approaches to the photoshoot. 

Their collaboration has now lasted a full year. The feeling I got when I talked to them was that the last year has only been the beginning of this artistic partnership.

woman posing from back
anthrisque posing with subtle light. Her physical beauty cannot be ignored.

Roles have evolved


Their collaboration has now evolved into not only a model/photographer relationship but also a photographer and artistic director. Anthrisque finds herself often even being the eyes and vision that Dystopix cannot have while his eyes are in the camera visor. Now finding herself even helping out on shoots where she is not even the model.

Woman poses nude in oil with manequin
To know the technical details of this shot read below

How this photo happened (Photo above)


The initial idea was to combine water and color. The conclusion was to bring in a different angle with oil.

 Anthrisque came with the color treatment and thought that having different light would bring a new artistic aspect to the images.

Items used


Dystopix had a PVC background utilized for a reflective surface for projectors. By using it for a background, Dystopix knew it would be interesting as a backdrop in the sense that because it reflects light so much it would bounce whatever light was thrown at it.

Camera and lenses used:


Nikon D750

Lenses used in general:

Nikon 50mm f/1.8

Nikon 70-200 f/2.8

Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 (used for this shot)

Lighting and settings



Nikon speedlight flashes (Godox AD 200  and Nikon speedlites)

MODIFIERS:  Softbox on the flash purple and blue gelatins

Background and floor: Recycled PVC of a projection sheet

Exposure 1/250th


Focal length on the 24-70 was 29mm

ISO 100

Post Processing


All done in lightroom

But Dystopix is already working hard on moving

toward a Photoshop/CaptureOne/Lightroom combined workflow

Man eating dinner with a woman nude on the table
Humor and storytelling always play a part in this collab

How Dystopix and Anthrisque work together


Both Anthrisque and Dystopix are constantly doing research and looking for different ways to approach their art. Dystopix is a self-admitted “collector” of things with a “storage problem”.  They are constantly on a back and forth with different items and trinkets that might be of inspiration for their next shoot. 


Their inspiration is also open-minded. They find inspiration from other photographers and are constantly combing Instagram for a feel they like or might get the creative juices rolling.


They mostly work at the home of Dystopix where he luckily has 10-foot ceilings and plenty of space to shoot.

Nude woman crouching between two large rockwalls outdoors
Colour seems to be a dominating approach in their artistic collaboration but Dystopix still has a soft spot for black and white photography

Where are they now


Both artists are working on a future website to showcase more of their projects so please stay tuned for that in the coming months. I will keep everyone up to date on this in this blog post.

Both artists still believe in the ever so amazing artform of the print. Please stand by as I believe that they are getting an online store set up right now where high-quality prints will be available. More to come soon


Although their collaboration yields some really beautiful captivating artistic photos, they also work with other photographers and models. Both artists continue to push their artistic limits. In fact, what you see here is but a fraction of what they really do. To really know where their art has been and will be, the easiest way is to peek into both of their Instagram profiles.


Anthrisque_dbois: Click here

Dystopix: Click here

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