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From videographer to photographer



Sean Nelson is a Las Vegas-based photographer and videographer. His path is unusual but still resembles many who do photography today.

Sean’s first passion was video production. He used to shoot videos for the family and at parties. Fed by a deep appreciation for his work, he decided to get into video production as a way of life. But Sean started shooting some photography at all his video shoots.

Since he shot his videos with a DSLR, he had a stills camera (a canon EOS 5D mark IV) in his hands anyway, Sean would shoot more and more photos at all his hoots. People really enjoyed these photos. Contract after contract evolved into a more photo-based clientele. He now almost exclusively does photography contracts and shoots a bit of video as a bonus.

From Philadelphia to Las Vegas


Sean lived in Philadelphia till the age of 24. He moved to Las Vegas and started producing behind-the-scenes videos for an already established Las Vegas photographer. It is there where his photo passion started.


Fitness photography


Today, if you ask anyone in the Vegas area what Sean does, they will say fitness photography. The main brunt of Sean’s clients is extremely high performing fitness people looking get THE picture of the fruits of their fitness labor. Sean says that it is a great niche within the photography world because he personally has built a name as the ultimate person to consult if you want to show off your muscle fitness.

woman lieing in a tunnel

Breaking the beauty rules


Sean mentions that photography of the fitness model is slightly different from that of the boudoir or beauty nude model. He says that although he works quite a bit with natural light, he prioritizes contrast. Where a boudoir photographer might look for softer lighting roll off, Sean looks for more contrasty and harsh light differences. It really helps in defining aspects of a muscular human form.

Collaboration with Lucia Carbines


Sean had gone to see Absinthe at Caesars in Las Vegas. He quickly spotted Lucia and said that he had to get in contact with her to do a photo shoot. They got together and, since then, have worked on 4 collaborations together.

Pics from previous shoots with Lucia

The photoshoot in the desert flats



These photos were taken in the desert flats near Las Vegas. All lighting is natural and is the result of an end of shoot decision. Although some of the shots are from the desert flats, the most striking, light wise, are those taken on the road.

Sean’s priority



What is important to Sean is making people around him happy. His biggest joy is to make people smile and feel good about themselves.

He also prides himself on getting a style down pat and moving on to learn other techniques. With Lucia, he has discovered a new love for circus photography and welcomes any new challenge involving the circus arts.

Woman doing a handstand in the middle of a large puddle
Taken with the Canon EOS 5D mark 4 and the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM. Aperture: 4.5, Shutter speed: 1/500, ISO: 100

A traveling photographer



Travel is part of Sean’s reality as he does it up to 20 times a year. He travels all around the United States and also across Europe. The best places to see his work is on Instagram or at his website.



To those wanting to get into photography, he really feels that the days of the classic photographer gig is gone. It is important for most people getting into the photography game to build a brand via all social media platforms. Pick a project you would love to do and go do it for free. From those types of projects, one can build a following and an online identity.

Woman doing a handstand in the middle of an empty highway
Taken with the Canon EOS 5D mark 4 and the Canon 85mm f/1.4 IS USM aperture: 1.4 shutter speed: 1/3200 ISO 100

Sean's workflow

Camera bodies

2X 5D mark IVĀ 

Camera lenses


85mm f/1.4 Canon L USM

70-200mm f/2.8 Canon L stabilized


Post Processing

Lightroom for collating and quick edits

Photoshop for major retouching and color treatment


Sean tries to keep his edits down to a minimum. For example, in the case of Lucia, he did no skin retouches at all.

woman croutched on street in tippy toes
Great pose , great model

You can contact Sean for collaborations


Although the photos are unattainable. Sean is not. To see what he does and look at everything linked to him, click here