From videographer to photographer     Sean Nelson is a Las Vegas-based photographer and videographer. His path is unusual but still resembles many who do photography today. Sean's first passion was video production. He used to shoot videos for the family and at parties. Fed by a deep appreciation for his work, he decided to [...]
The history of their collaboration   Dystopix photographie artistique is a collaboration between two artists. It evolved from a meeting of two artistically like-minded people. One a model @anthrisque_dbois and the other a photographer @dystopix2018.  After working together on 3 or 4 photoshoots, they realized that their collaboration might be something more permanent. As a [...]
Working with Lyndsie Alguire   I had been seeing Lyndsie's post on Instagram and just was struck by how well she would pose. I also really do love the way she looks. She has a style that I have always been partial to. I got in contact with her and coordinated a shoot in the [...]
Welcome to NewArtistC   Welcome to the Newartistc blog. This blog will mostly serve as a way to talk about the process of getting from the visual artistic concept to the images that you see. I currently always film my photoshoots and, therefore, might even have some filming of the process as well. Celebrating the [...]